The Oak Tree

Twisting their feathery little necks and looking up at the oak tree, the ducks instantaneously, and in unison, started to hum a tune from a Tide advertisement. The only person living who understood what they meant was no longer on the planet. Charles seemed puzzled. He knew that ducks could sing, but he couldn’t make any sense out of their connection between a popular bleach brand and the tree that wasn’t there only minutes prior yet now stood fully formed and blossoming before him. Nightmares were only rivers of sand and clothes slowed down their motions. The ducks looked a bit anxious and Charles tried to soothe them by writing an amateurish sonnet. We didn’t know where this was going, but it carried us away in the current. Why were there so many ducks in Simone? The branches shook, and the tree began to whimper into the crisp air. And so we did the only thing we could think of which was to make sure the person who is actually interested in love could rewrite the flight attendants’ instructional manual. But was that ethical? Charles and the ducks and all of the rest didn’t have time to take a walk in everyone’s shoes before making a decision.