A Few Guesses

Do you ever pause to consider what might be going on just beyond your mind’s focal awareness? Anything could be happening over there. And It could be happening for any reason. Do you feel like sometimes your thoughts might change shapes and meanings and resize and morph and reform when you aren’t actively considering them? Subconscious thoughts are wild beasts, but they also do a hell of a lot of heavy lifting. Be kind to your mind but never coddle it.

In the hustle and bustle of postmodern life, it can be challenging to pay mind to the far reaches of your mind at all. What joys lurk? Mind. Mind. Mind.

The minds of Charles Potashner and the ducks had become entangled through a fuzzy incoherent bond. Thoughts in Charles’s mind affected the tiny brains in the ducks and vice-versa. This was something that had happened overnight but it took months for Charles to notice and feel the full extent of the entanglement and it could take more than a lifetime for him to grasp what it meant. The only person who understands the difference between a good idea and a good pancake once told me that all the minds in a place like Simone end up being connected. I think they described it as some compression process which allows the universe to do more with the same amount of matter.

Are dreams gateways to the subconscious? No one can answer that for us. But I’m pretty sure dreaming contributes to mental, emotional, and physical wellbeing. I think dreams are there to give us alternate approaches to resolving problems we encounter throughout our waking life. These can be emotional or logistical problems. It may be best not to analyse dreams too literally and just to let them do their thing. They are effective in ways we don’t understand. Hopefully those inclined to explore the realms of science in Simone will continue researching the process and effects of dreaming, but some of us need to relax and have a little faith that our bodies know what they are doing.

A Word From Our Sponsor

At this point in our story, it’s important to take a moment to have a word from our generous sponsor. Who would sponsor such a quacky tale and how would it possibly benefit them? Branding works in mysterious ways. I’m reminded of that children’s song during which you sing about the various bones being connected to each other. Somehow everything is a bone in that song! Or at least that’s how I remember it. The eye bone’s connected to the cheek bone, the cheek bone’s connected to the oh-shit-I’ve got a blackhead bone…and so on.

We’re sponsored by the world wide web. The world wide web, invented by Sir Tim Berners-Lee, is used to sell just about anything you could imagine, but very few people are focused on selling the world wide web itself. Recently, it seems like it is slowly slipping out of its own existence and shapeshifting into a single thread in the fabric of EVERYTHING. It feels almost redundant to even mention its name. The world wide web became the web and the web began to be refered to simpy as the internet ( and the internet became whatever particular service you were using be it Twitter or Facebook or Instagram or Daily Puppy. Soon the web will just be another subconscious fact of life. Before that happens let’s take a moment to recognise it and sell it. After all, it is our sponsor and without it, I can honestly say there would be no www.charlesandducks.com.

This holiday season be sure to keep the internet in your heart. Sometimes people say that you shouldn’t judge a person by their appearance but rather by what is in their heart. When asked what was in his heart Charles Potashner would probably say “reality”. What better to have than reality in your heart? I mean, obvs you need blood too but we’re clearly speaking metaphorically here. And you are on a website about talking ducks.